F o r w a r d

The ideas stimulated by a process of collaboration have long intrigued the members of the Pasadena Art Alliance. So, when Los Angeles artist John O'Brien approached our Exhibition Committee with an opportunity to help create the exhibition Open House, to work with Art Center College of Design's Williamson Gallery, and to collaborate with a diverse group of artists, we were pleased to be included and to provide funding, materials, and occasional advice.

The Pasadena Art Alliance has been committed to supporting contemporary art in Southern California since the mid-fifties, first at the Pasadena Art Museum, then Baxter Art Gallery at California Institute of Technology, an now as an independent non-profit organization. To further our mission, the members of the Art Alliance have, since 1988, initiated and sponsored art exhibitions at a variety of Los Angeles area locations.

Being at Art Center for Open House has meant that the exhibition and catalogue have met exacting standards. Williamson Gallery director Stephen Nowlin and his staff bring the highest degree of professional commitment to the installation of exhibitions. John O'Brien's creativity, intelligence, persistence and wit has made the project exciting and stimulating. We learned to imagine the reality of our common environment in a new way. And we had fun while doing the work.

The Art Alliance Exhibition committee was led with distinction by Sabra Clark. She and the members of the committee enjoyed the process of collaborating and have been enriched by the experience of working with John O'Brien and Stephen Nowlin.

Susan Caldwell
President, Pasadena Art Alliance