Open House

October 20 - December 20, 1996

Open House, thirteen installations in search of a home, opened at the Williamson Gallery with a reception on Saturday, October 19, 1996, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Open House was initiated and funded by the Pasadena Art Alliance, and organized in cooperation with the Williamson Gallery. It was guest-curated by John O'Brien.

A printed catalogue with images, essay by O'Brien, forward by Art Alliance president Susan Caldwell, and introduction by Williamson Gallery director Stephen Nowlin is available.


Wendy Adest, Lynn Aldrich, Ellen Birrell, Andrea Bowers, Sylvia Bowyer, Sam Durant, Andrew Freeman, William Leavitt, Gavin Lee, Lauren Lesko, Mara Lonner, John O'Brien, John Outterbridge (with Tami Lynn Outterbridge), Jorge Pardo, Susan Silton (with Terry Wolverton), Matthew Thomas, Paul Tzanetopoulos, Sharon Suhovy Vander Meiden, Daniel Wheeler, Pae White, Liz Young.

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