curated by John David O'Brien

with work by

Wendy Adest, Kimber Berry, Daniel Brodo, Margaret Griffith, Mary Addison Hackett,

Rebecca Ripple, Steve Roden, Joe Santarromana/Erika Suderburg

The guiding concept for Levitational is to exhibit art works in which gravity is clearly defied, either in practice or in appearance. Defying gravity has long been linked to magic and states of wonder. It has also been integral to the success of art forms in which the magnetic forces that draw everything down to the planet are momentarily suspended whether in reality or in the mind's eye. It is coincidentally also how take off and flight are achieved. Taking advantage of this overlap is at the core of this proposal for LAX. The artists selected for inclusion in this exhibition work with a mixture of drawings, paintings, mixed media works, video and sculpture to address the condition of seeming weightless-ness or how gravity is defied. The artists in this exhibition have themselves been interested over time in the mysteriousness and history of levitational forces. They present work of theirs in which levitational forces play an important role in the viewer's experience of the art. The intent is also to reference and key into the state of dreams and daydreams in which the laws of physics are often suspended momentarily. It is also an invitation to the passerby to ponder for a moment the power (of the imagination) that allows us to conquer gravity through flight.