"Hot House Ensemble"


The Hot House Ensemble consists in 5 composite drawings on photographs and paper and an 8 minute digital video loop.
All the photos are b/w film images taken from ad hoc gardens I have had over the years in Southern California. The drawing elements that have been superimposed introduce a subterranean language lymph (or sap) into the picture. The written text is taken from email exchanges between myself and my wife during the time frame after we got married in NY and before we were united in LA (Friday April 6, 2007 - Sunday, July 30, 2007).
The digital video loop is a time lapse filming of a garden in which language is culled from the email exchanges are embedded. This loop tracks how the garden was growing outside the studio during the same time frame.
In all, the ensemble is a kind of extended love letter, growing out of the ground like weeds.