Curriculum Vitae


John David O’Brien

690 South Ave. 21
Los Angeles, CA. 90031
Cell. 323 221 6423


Solo and 2 person exhibitions:

O’Bibliology - A Personal History of Books as Physical Objects, Don B. Huntley Gallery (Pomona, CA) (Curated by Michele Cairella-Fillmore)

GADZOOKS, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (Pasadena, CA)

trame, La Nube di Oort (Rome, Italy)
The Clerestory Pages, Boston Court Performing Arts Center (Pasadena, CA)
Fugue States, Groundspace Project, (Los Angeles, CA) (with Annaly Bennett)
Accidental Orientalist, Causey Contemporary (New York, NY)
Trasparenze, Temple University Gallery (Rome, Italy) (curated by Shara Wasserman, with Gregorio Botta)
Meander, Project Room of the PMCA (Pasadena, CA)

EnMeshed, AxS Festival: Fire and Water, Pasadena Arts Council (Pasadena, CA)
drawn into a dialogue, Cerritos College Art Gallery (Cerritos, CA) (curated by James MacDevitt, with Steve Roden)

Hot House Ensemble, Angels Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro, CA)
Rifting on the Diary of a Seducer, Kristi Engle Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

re-Siting (chapter & verse), Kristi Engle Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

(dis)place, two, MorYork Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

Dis-place in Time, Suyama Space (Seattle, WA)

Pagine Veneziane, Kristi Engle Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

baggage, Bliss (Pasadena, CA)

Group exhibitions:

Progetto Asilo, MACRO Museum, (Rome, IT)
Rigorosamente Libri, Biennale del Libro D’Artista, Fondazione Monti Uniti di Foggia (Foggia, Italy)

RM–LA CON–TESTI/CON-TEXTS, Galleria Sinopia (Rome, IT)
RM–LA CON–TESTI/CON-TEXTS, Fondazione Claudi (Serrapetrona, IT)

Confabulating, Mt. San Antonio Gardens (Pomona, CA)
On Board: Works by the Emeritus Leaders of the FAR, Cerritos College Art Gallery (Cerritos, CA)
91st Annual International Competition, The Print Center (Philadelphia, PA)
COLA20, LA Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
50 x 50 x 50, Temple University Art Gallery (Rome, IT)
Khôra, Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery (Walnut, CA) (curated by Fatemeh Burnes)

Topological Skew, Sam Francis Gallery at Crossroads (Santa Monica, CA)
venticinque libri venticinque artisti ,Studio Varroni / Eos Libri d’Artista (Rome, IT)

Olly Olly Oxen Free II, curated by Kristi Engle Offramp Gallery (Pasadena, CA)

In Light of Shadows, Brand Library & Art Center (Glendale, CA)
Sense and Sensibility II, Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery (Walnut, CA) (curated by Fatemeh Burnes)

Ground Shifts, Groundspace Project (Los Angeles, CA) (curated by Kristi Engle)
Di carta / Papermade, Palazzo Fogazzaro (Schio, IT) (curated by Valeria Bertesina)

Submissions & Transmissions, Bushberg Project (Newark, NJ)
Translations, Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery (Valley Glen, CA)
Rassegna Internazionale D’Arte “G.B. Salvi” di Sassoferrato, Palazzo degli Scalzi (Sassoferrato (Ancona), IT) (curated by Silvia Cuppini)
Mostra Internazionale di Libri d’Artista – Luciano Morandini, (Villa Dora, San Giorgio di Nogaro, IT and Castello di San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, IT) (curated by Valeria Bertesina)

Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) and Samson Projects (Boston, MA) (curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey)
Laws of Attraction, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock (Los Angeles, CA) (curated by Renee Dominique)
Universe-City, Main Gallery Fine Arts Dept. CSULA (Los Angeles, CA) (organized by Jim Ovelman and Barry Markowitz)

To Live and Draw in L.A., Angels Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro, CA)
(curated by Marshall Astor)
Rebus Reconstructuring, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock (Los Angeles, CA)
Amalgama, Cabrini Gallery at Woodbury University (Burbank, CA)

Roma souvenir, la città e il verde, Galleria d’arte Istituto Portugues de Santo Antonio (Rome, IT) (a cura di Patrizia Rufini)
Portraiture and the like, PØST (Los Angeles, CA)
Rebus, Museo Archeologico di Amelia (Amelia, IT)
4th of July “One Week Only” Jancar Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) (curated by Tom Jancar and Mery Lynn McCorkle)
On the Trail Of…., Hahamonga Watershed Park (Pasadena, CA) (curated by New Town)
Judith Page, Philippa Blair, John O’Brien Jancar/McCorkle Projects, (Los Angeles, CA) (curated by Mery Lynn McCorkle)
Bringing the Past To Light, Lummis House (Highland Park, CA) (curated by the Arroyo Arts Collective)

at the Brewery Project, 1993-2007: the Finale, Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA)
Boson Exotic, Rupert Ravens Contemporary (Newark, NJ)
Beauty’s Burden (Co-curated by David Gibson and Jennifer Junkermeier), Ernest Rubenstein Gallery, Educational Alliance (New York, NY)
San Diego Book Arts 2nd National Juried Show, Geisel Library UCSD (San Diego, CA)
Stelle Cadenti, Castello Orsini (Soriano nel Cimino (VT), IT)
Porchiano del Monte - Los Angeles  e ritorno, Casetta Mattia (Porchiano del Monte (AM), IT)
The Art of Thought, City of Brea Art Gallery (Brea, CA)
The Long Weekend, Phantom Gallery (Pasadena, CA) (organized by Nancy Buchanan & Joseph Santarromana)

SKIN, Armory Northwest (Pasadena, CA)
Edge, CSUN Art Gallery (Northridge, CA)
100 Artists’ Books, Doheny Memorial Library, first-floor Treasure Room (Los Angeles, CA)
The Book of Lies, Vol. I, II & III, 18th Street Arts Center (Santa Monica, CA)
Drawn In – Drawing in Residence Phase III, Torrance Art Museum (Torrance, CA)

Accretion, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery (Pomona, CA)
Isole 8a Rassegna Int. del Libro d’Artista, Ass. Cult. La Tana (Lazio), IT)
Labirinti, III Biennale di Amelia, Museo Archeologico di Amelia (Amelia, IT)
COLA 10th Anniversary Exhibition, L.A. Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Dis-place in Time, Suyama Space (Seattle, WA)

Metro Orange Line Exhibit, Pierce College Art Gallery (Woodland Hills, CA)
Translations, PØST gallery, (curator Joseph Santarromana) (Los Angeles, CA)
L.A. Printmaking Society 18th National Exhibition, Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA)
Pass-partout, ARTS on 5TH (San Bernardino, CA)
600 Images/60 Artists/6 Curators/6 Cities: Bangkok-Berlin-London-Los Angeles-Manila-Saigon (curator Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza) (Los Angeles, CA)

Artcard, Sharjah Art Museum (Sharjah, U.A.E.)
lucid.ludic, Mount St. Mary’s College, (curator Alexandra Grant) (Westwood, CA)
3 Incisori Americani, Galleria Miralli (Viterbo, IT)
Ancora 3 Incisori Americani, Museo d’Arte Moderna e dell’Informazione (Senigallia, IT)

Drawing Conclusions II, New York Arts (curators Jill Conner and Gae Savannah) (New York, NY)
Tinseltown, domestic setting (Los Angeles, CA)
Open Haus, Haus (Pasadena, CA)
Nobody Walks in L.A., d.u.m.b.o. art under the bridge festival, (curator Joseph Santarromana) (Brooklyn, NY)
Free Range, CSUN Art Gallery (Northridge, CA)

Mind Trips, Chateau Chropyne (Kromeriz, Czech Republic)
Transit; Survival Skills, “The depARTment” (Scottsdale, AZ)
Big Wave IV, Andrew Shire Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Amelia: La Fiber Art al Centro, Museo Archeologico (Amelia, IT)
La Fiber Art al Centro, Museo Del Municipio (Val Topino, IT)

More And Less, Les Ateliers Nadar (Marseilles, FR)

More And Less, at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA)
COLA 1999, Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Open and Closed, Artists Contemporary Books as Sculpture (curator Kate Johnson) Fullerton College Art Gallery (Fullerton, CA)

Contempo-Italianate, Laband Art Gallery. LMU (Los Angeles, CA)
Stelle Cadenti, Borgo Antico (Bassano in Teverina, IT)
The Travellers/I Viaggiatori, Palazzo dei Consoli (Gubbio, IT)

Allegorical Re/Visions, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
I Viaggiatori/Travellers, at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA)
open-end(ed) with a house of cards, Andrew Shire Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Turning the Tables - Domestic Inversions (curators Won Ju Lim and Christie Frields)
Angels Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro, CA)
open-end(ed.), (curator Mark Johnstone) CGS Gallery (Claremont, CA)
Changing Media: Prints and Books, Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA)
L.A. Slide (curator Elena Mary Siff), The Living Room (Santa Monica, CA)
Blow-Up, SITE (Los Angeles, CA)
His(Story), Her(Story) and Other(Stories), Too (organizer Dennis Callwood), L.A. Art Core (Los Angeles, CA)

Codpiece Project, Griffin Linton Contemporary Exhibitions (Venice, CA)
The Empowered Object (curator Josine Starrels), Hunsaker/Schlesinger Fine Arts (Santa Monica, CA)
Delta National Print Exhibition, Arkansas State University, (Jonesboro, AR)
littlebigart, Mendenhall Art Gallery (Whittier, CA)
Open House, Williamson Gallery at Art Center (Pasadena, CA)
Displacements, Temple University Gallery (Rome, IT)
Dal Campo D’Osservazione to the Brewery, Palazzo Ducale (Gubbio, IT)
Green (curator Mat Gleason), Factory Place (Los Angeles, CA)
In the Pocket2, Random Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
The Cup and the Teapot (curators Stacey Browne & Kirk Delman), Clark Humanities Museum (Claremont, CA)
Group Hanging, Griffin Linton Contemporary Exhibitions (Costa Mesa, CA)

In the Pocket, Random Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Body, Mind and Spirit (curator Mary MacNaughton), Williamson Gallery (Claremont, CA)
Unpacking My Library (curators Kathryn Tubbs and Tera Galanti), California Medical Arts Group (Santa Monica, CA)
Incisioni (curator Sylvia Cuppini), Accademia Raffaello (Urbino, IT)
Sunday Brunch (Not exactly breakfast at Tiffany’s), Random Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
The Prints and the Paper, San Diego Arts Institute (San Diego, CA)
Study for a Long Stretch, SKUC Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Beyond 15 Minutes (curator Josine Ianco Starrels), Cheney Cowles Museum (Spokane, WA)

Pagine Tessili, Biblioteca Rispoli, Rome, Italy, Biblioteca Comunale, Quarrata, Italy, and Biblioteca Civica Vincenzo Joppi (Udine, IT)
Credo, Brand Library (Glendale, CA)
Diderot and the Last Luminare (organizer Erika Suderburg), Project Artaud (San Francisco, CA) and SITE (Los Angeles, CA)
Seguire il Filo, Sala Consiliare e Ninfeo Dorico (Castel Gandolfo, IT)
Passe-partout: A Revised Study (curator Judith Hoffberg), The New Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)
M*Y*T*H (Into the Blue), The M*Y*T*H* Series (Los Angeles, CA)
Control of Power (curator Joan Kahn), Pierce College Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
In Terms of Time (curators R.Weisberg and L.Geller), Contemporary Arts Forum (Santa Barbara, CA) and Fresno Art Museum (Fresno, CA)
Trophies (organizer Wendy Adest), Cal State L.A. (Los Angeles, CA)
A Simple Complex, The M*Y*T*H* Series (Los Angeles, CA)

Objects: 16 L.A. Sculptors (curators J.Belloli and S. Nowlin), Williamson Gallery (Pasadena, CA)
Art after the Eighties, CGS Gallery (Claremont, CA)
The Kitchen Table (organizer E. Butler), Art/LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Loss and Remembrance: The Legacy of AIDS and Death in the Community, Riverside Art Museum (Riverside, CA)
Invece della Memoria, Sala Uno, (Rome, IT)
Other Affinities, Galley Studio (Chula Vista, CA)
West Coast Edition Printmakers Invitational, Chapline Gallery (Stinson Beach, CA)
Engaging Materials (curator Lizzetta LaFalle-Collins), Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
The Shooting Gallery, Arboretum Studios (Santa Monica, CA)
Truck Stop, F.A.R, Parked at the Venice Art Walk (Venice, CA)
Artists Writing Reading Room, Side Street Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)
A Short Course in Art, Laguna Museum of Art (Costa Mesa, CA)

A Gathering / Four Prophets, SITE Gallery, The Roosevelt Building (Los Angeles, CA)
Out of the Blue, Vignes Street Warehouse (Los Angeles, CA)
The Home Show, South Coast Security Pacific Gallery (Costa Mesa, CA)
Breaking Barriers, Santa Monica Museum of Art (Santa Monica, CA)
Not Living in L.A./Good Design, Nomadic Sites (Pasadena, CA)
Cross Section, Korean Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Narratives, City of Alhambra Main Street Gallery (Alhambra, CA)
SiteUnSeen (curator S. Nowlin), SITE (Los Angeles, CA)
Prints and Paper, SDAI (San Diego, CA)

Natural Affinities, Galley Studio (Chula Vista, CA)
Faculty Exhibition, UCI Gallery (Irvine, CA)
California Artists Books, Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA)

Borderlines, Galley Studio (Chula Vista, CA)
Pharmacia Poetica (with Anna Homler), Cont. Arts Forum WindowSpace (Santa Barbara, CA)
F/M, Chistopher Johns Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)

Drawing Invitational, Chapman College (Orange, CA)
Studies, Lindhurst Gallery, USC (Los Angeles, CA)
Guided Tours, The Atelier, Santa Monica Mall (Santa Monica, CA)

Recent Works, Galley Studio (Chula Vista, CA)
Premio Internazionale Biella, Palazzo Comunale (Biella, IT)
Response to Reagan, Bad Eye Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
63rd Annual, The Print Club (Philadelphia, PA)

Anathema, Flor y Canto Gallery (San Diego, CA)
62nd Annual (Purchase award), The Print Club (Philadelphia, PA)
Materiali dal Laboratorio, Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica (Rome, IT)

Repetition, Galley Studio (Chula Vista, CA)

Triennale Europeo Dell’Incisione, Palazzo Comunale (Grado, IT)
Testi Tessili, Librogalleria Il Monte Analogo (Rome, IT)

Creatività e Ricerca, Palazzo Venezia (Rome, IT)
Nuova Grafica per il Manifesto, Centro L. Di Sarro (Rome, IT)
Dal Laboratorio alle Collezioni, Calcografia Nazionale (Rome, IT)

Mucha/O’Brien/Scarpelli, Centro L. Di Sarro (Rome, IT)
Ex Libris, Grafica dei Greci (Rome, IT)

Delhove/O’Brien, Galleria AIGA (Rome, IT)

Percorsi, Galleria Ferro di Cavallo (Rome, IT)

I was represented by Causey Contemporary in New York City (2018-13), Kristi Engle Gallery in Los Angeles (2011-2004) and Galleria Alberto Miralli in Viterbo, Italy (since 2004) and have been exhibiting my artwork locally, nationally and internationally since 1980.

Arts Teaching Practice:

I have taught Three Dimensional Arts and Design at all levels, Foundation, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Graduate. The teaching has ranged from Figure and Portrait Sculpture to Bronze Casting Sculpture to Experimental Topics such as Sculpture/Product Design. I have participated in the structuring and alignment of new 3D and printmaking curriculum for foundation levels and above.

I have taught Printmaking at all levels, Foundation, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Graduate. The teaching has ranged from Etching, Woodcut, Lithography, Monoprints and experimental topics such as Multiples and 3D Casting.

I have taught Drawing at all levels, Foundation, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Graduate. The teaching has ranged from traditional approaches to experimental topics. I have training in technical drafting and fine arts drawing.

Teaching Positions:

Art Center College (Pasadena, CA)

  • Professor, Integrated Studies (since 2013)
  • Graduate Studies Advisor (2001-95)
  • Theoretical Issues Seminar (1998-91)
  • Contemporary European Art and Theory (1997, 1995)
  • Senior Projects (1996-95)
  • Multiples, Serial Images and Objects (1993)

Cal State University (Northridge, CA)

  • Asst. Professor, Sculpture (2007-01)

University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)

  • All Printmaking (2001-1995)
  • Beginning and Advanced Printmaking (1990-1989)
  • Teaching Assistant in Sculpture (1987-89)

Claremont Graduate University (Claremont, CA)

  • Visiting Artist (1995, 1993)
  • Installation Art (1999)

University of California at Irvine (Irvine, CA)

  • Sculpture and Basic Drawing (1993-2)
  • Beginning and Advanced Printmaking (1991)

California State University at Dominguez Hills (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Printmaking (1992)

Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA)

  • 2D Studio and Printmaking (1992-91)

Studio ‘Teckne’ (Rome, Italy)

  • Etching and Engraving (1985-83)

Scuola Comunale di San Giacomo (Rome, Italy)

  • Drawing and Relief Printing (1985-84)

II Liceo Artistico di Roma (Rome, Italy)

  • Printmaking (1983-82)

I have acted (when appropriate to work load) as Graduate Studio Area Coordinator (Chair), Visiting Artist Program Coordinator and I have participated in ongoing student advisement and counseling at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Participation in University Governance:

I have participated in Faculty and Student Affairs at all Universities that I have worked at in different capacities:

  • Departmental Committees: the Foundation Committee, the Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Committee (Chair)
  • University Committees: Graduate Studies Committee and Assessment Liaison Coordination Committee

Guest Lectures and/or Presentations:

Southern Graphics Council, Knoxville, TN, ArtTable West, Los Angeles, CA, Pasadena Art Alliance, Pasadena, CA, Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA, Temple University Abroad, Rome, Italy, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy, Istituto Statale d’Arte “G. Sello”, Udine, Italy, Istituto Statale d’Arte “F. Menegaroni”, Pesaro, Italy, Istituto Statale d’Arte di Urbino, Urbino, Italy, Istituto di Storia dell'Arte, Universita' degli Studi, Urbino, Italy, Skuc Gallerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, College Art Association, New York, N.Y., College Art Association, Seattle, Washington, College Art Association, Boston, Mass.

Public Art

I have worked in public art as project manager, fabricator and lead artist. My public art team has, at different times, comprised architects, landscape architects, media artists and sub-contractors ranging from concrete to electrical. I am familiar with coordinating my work with others. Included in this work was large-scale fabrication and installation work that involved structural design features. I am very familiar and comfortable with the public feedback and peer feedback process and work well within the context of an extended collective effort. I have extensive experience working collaboratively with community representatives, governmental agencies and engineers in the design and execution of public art. I am able to read and understand engineering and architectural plans for complex infrastructure projects. I have always met the needs of project managers and met strict project schedules.

I have also been on the Los Angeles’ Mayor’s Public Art Committee since 2003. The Public Art Committee is the first review process for all public art projects over which the City of Los Angeles has purview, before that project moves forward to the Cultural Affairs Board of Commissions for full review and final approval before the project can be permitted for installation in any public area of the City. I was selected to sit on the Committee because of my extensive expertise in the field of public art and my advocacy for the arts in general.

I have many years of experience collaborating with architects and designers as a steel, aluminum, wood and special materials fabricator and installer. The most important of these collaborations were with: Steve Roden (2009), Maddy LeMel (2005, 2008), Taction Design (1996), David Mocarsky (1989 – 1994), Kyohara and Moffett Architecture (1989 – 1994), Carlson Industries (1989 – 2007), M. Sapienza Designs (1992), Ruth Weisberg (1996, 2001), Mark Niblock-Smith (1989 – 1993), Susan Rankaitis (1994), and Millie Wilson (1999).

I also worked on installation and design as preparator at the following institutions: the San Diego Museum of Art (1987 – 1989), the Fisher Gallery (1987 – 1989), the U.S.C. Atelier (1990 – 1995), the Koplin Gallery (1990 – 1995) and The Armory Center for the Arts (1990 – 1995).

Public Art Commissions

Lead Artist Veterans Core, Mt. San Antonio College,
(Walnut, CA)
Recipient “Utility Box Program”, Playhouse District
Commissioned new site-specific vinyl images on downtown utility boxes (Pasadena, CA)
Recipient “Rotating Public Art Exhibition” Arts & Culture Commission
(Pasadena, CA)Commissioned new site-specific outdoor installation for 2011-12 program.
Recipient “AxS Fire and Water Festival” Pasadena Arts Council (Pasadena, CA)
Commissioned new site-specific artwork for store front during Festival
Recipient “sbX Omnitrans” (DCA) (San Bernardino, CA)
Sole artist on $100,000.00 Rapid transitway project.
Lead Artist Analemmatic Sun Dial, Caltech Alumni Association, (Pasadena, CA)
Lead artist on $50,000.00 CalTech campus plaza sundial project
Recipient “Aiso Plaza” (DCA) (Los Angeles, CA)
Lead artist on $250,000.00 Urban plaza project.
Recipient “Habitat 825” Residence, (WeHoDCA) (West Hollywood, CA)
Sole artist on $58,000.00 West Hollywood project.
Recipient MTA Balboa Station, (MTA Authority) (Los Angeles, CA)
Sole artist on $12,000.00 (design only) Orange Line project.
Recipient L.A. Riverside Park, (DCA (Los Angeles, CA)
Sole artist on $56,000.00 Parks and Rec public art project.
Recipient Sepulveda Park West, (DCA (Los Angeles, CA)
Sole artist on $17,000.00 Parks and Rec public art project.
Recipient Westwood Branch Library (DCA (Los Angeles, CA)
Sole artist on $20,000.00 Library public art project.
Recipient Mar Vista Branch Library (DCA (Los Angeles, CA)
Sole artist on $20,000.00 Library public art project.

Art Presentation:

I have been art event organizing since 1989. My role has ranged from directing spaces, to artist-organizing (where my own art work is included) and curating (where my own work is not included) exhibitions at a local and international level. My work has included supervision and coordination of assistant teams, implementation of exhibitions including design, installation, logistics and administration and budgeting for programs and all related public events.

I have directed the build-out of several art spaces, the development of exhibition programs and international exchanges between artists and art works. I have also served on the exhibition committee and boards for non for profit organizations and collaborated on structuring project spaces that create venues for new and experimental art forms, ephemeral and long term.

Artist-Organized and Curated Events


  • In Verbis Artis, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography Gallery (Pasadena, CA)
  • (An exhibition that explores the relationship between typography and fine art to the work of Los Angeles-based artists, with color publication.)


  • TOMES, Williamson Gallery at Art Center (Pasadena, CA)
  • (An exhibition of artist books and installations with books, with color brochure and essay.)

2019 co-CURATOR

  • GARB, Williamson Gallery at Art Center (Pasadena, CA)
  • (Co-curated with Ann Field: a 2D and 3D exploration of Attire, Identity, Art, and Culture)


  • ReIterative at LAX, Terminal 1, Los Angeles World Airport (Los Angeles, CA) (Five artists with sited installations of multiple artworks)


  • Rotating Public Art Program Phase III for the City of Pasadena, CA
  • (Complete management and coordination of Program with Cultural Affairs Manager and City Staff, work included outreach (creation of an RFP), artist selection, individual artist project development, artwork installation and de- installation, project documentation and administration for yearlong program and all related public events)


  • Laband Art Gallery at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
  • (Complete gallery management of Gallery with Director and Curator, work included supervision and coordination of student assistants implementation of exhibitions including design, installation, logistics and administration for yearlong program and all related public events)

2016-11 CURATOR

  • Sturt Haaga Gallery, at the Descanso Gardens (La Cañada Flintridge, CA)
  • (Multi-year exhibition coordination, including curatorial proposals, supervision and coordination of the exhibition design, installation and all related written and designed exhibition materials as well as related public events)


  • On the Cusp, Terminal 7-8, Los Angeles World Airport (Los Angeles, CA) (Ten artists with individual walls of multiple artworks)


  • GALA series, storefronts (Glendale, CA) (series of eight exhibitions: curated, managed and installed in vacant storefronts in downtown Glendale over the course of a year with a total of 30 artists participating)


  • Levitational at LAX, Terminal 3, Los Angeles World Airport (Los Angeles, CA) (Nine artists with sited installations of multiple artworks)

2012 co-CURATOR

  • Meticulosity, Ben Maltz Gallery at OTIS (Los Angeles, CA) (Co-curated with Meg Linton, with color brochure and essay) Exhibition with multi-generational LA based group of artists working in a variety of genres ranging from painting to installation and digital/virtual formats. “Meticulosity” references both the technical / formal approach of the artists as well as the spiritual focus of their creative efforts, their tenacity and continuity

2012 co-CURATOR

  • PAGES, Williamson Gallery at Art Center (Pasadena, CA) (Co-curated with Stephen Nowlin, with color brochure and essay) Exhibition about the use of written and drawn pages as the space of the working imagination for artists, writers and scientists.


  • Collaboration Labs: Southern California Artists and the Artists Space Movement, 18th Street Arts Center (Santa Monica, CA) (Complete project management of Pacific Standard Time exhibition on behalf of 18th Street Arts Center, work included supervision and coordination with the exhibition designer, the curator and the catalog designer for overall exhibition production and related public events)


  • Flora, Terminals 2 & 4, Los Angeles World Airport (Ontario, CA) (Seven artists with sited installations of multiple artworks in cases at Airport)


  • crisscrossing, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona (Pomona, CA) (Artist organizer of exhibition with collaborative arts related work by a total of 23 participants)


  • Thickening the Plot, Angels Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro, CA) (Nineteen artists with selected and new work referencing how artists work with the idea of a cultivated plot of land or with cultivating a plot of land. The exhibition included eight site-specific outdoor works, including permanent landscape features)


  • Amalgama, Cabrini Gallery at Woodbury University (Burbank, CA) (new work by 6 artists referencing my curatorial interest in those practices which were once designated as the minor arts in most University slide libraries; drawing methods, fiber-based and weaving processes along with printmaking techniques)


  • Rebus Reconstructuring, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock (Los Angeles, CA) (Co- organized with Cielo Pessione) Part of a multi-year project that documents the results of the “Rebus” exhibition at the Museo Archeologico di Amelia by displaying artwork by the artists alongside the photographic images of their artworks within the museum collections). Included the panel discussion: Art and Architecture: Merging the contemporary and the historical, with the participation of Gwynne Pugh (Pugh + Scarpa) and Isotta Poggi (Getty Research Institute).

2009 co-CURATOR

  • TOOLS, Williamson Gallery at Art Center (Pasadena, CA) (Co-curated with Stephen Nowlin, with duotone brochure and essay) Part of ORIGINS: Art & Ideas 2009, a festival organized by the Pasadena Arts Council ( Artists contributing to the exhibition included Janine Antoni, Stephen Berkman, Robert Hudson, Ben Jackel, Nancy Kyes, Tom LaDuke, Michael McMillen, John Millei, Mark Niblock-Smith, Russell W. Porter, Paul Tzanetopoulos, Gail Wight and organizations lending artifacts to TOOLS included the Autry Center, the Carnegie Institution, Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum in Oroville, CA California Institute of Technology, The Huntington Library, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as private lenders.


  • of Intricacy at LAX, Terminal 1, Los Angeles World Airport (Los Angeles, CA) (Nine artists with sited installations of multiple artworks)


  • Rebus, Museo Archeologico di Amelia, (Amelia (TR), IT) (Co-organized with Cielo Pessione an exhibition in which artwork by 25 LA contemporary artists was sited or created for placement within the archeological fragments of museums and historic collections in Umbria)


  • at the Brewery Project, 1993-2007: the Finale, Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA) (50 artists, recapping the histories of at the Brewery Project, M*YT*H* and Out of the Blue)


  • of Intricacy, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock (Los Angeles, CA) (Nine artists with site responsive installations, PDF catalog)

2007-1997 DIRECTOR

  • at the Brewery project, at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA) (Director of cont. arts venue working with L.A. artists and international exchanges) As the director of the Brewery Project a 10-year, independent exhibition space in downtown Los Angeles which showcased contemporary California artists and with occasional international exchange exhibitions, I developed diverse architectural framing devices and housing forms for viewing art. The gallery space was modified three times over the 10 years, through collaborative planning, involving multiple constituencies.


  • Accretion, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery (Pomona, CA) (Artist organizer with six other artists in installation works, PDF catalog)


  • Labirinti, Museo Archeologico di Amelia (Amelia (TR), IT) (Nineteen artists in multiple venues, CD-Rom catalog)

2002 co-CURATOR

  • Ghz; The Post Analog Object, Williamson Gallery at Art Center (Pasadena, CA) (Co-curated with Steve Nowlin, 8 person exhibition with color brochure and essay)


  • FLIP, at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA) and Otok Gallery (Dubrovnik, Croatia) (2 x14.person exhibitions with website design)

2001 co-CURATOR

  • Mediated Asias: In the Flesh, Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA) (Co-curated with Meiling Cheng commissioned three performances by Asian performers as apart of the Highway’s “Treasure in the House Festival”, website design and experimental texts)


  • Personals, at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA) and Sandberg 2 (Hoorn, Netherlands) (2 x10 person exhibitions with a duotone catalog)


  • More And Less, at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA) and Les Ateliers Nadar, (Marseilles, FR) (2 x10 person exhibitions with a duotone catalog)


  • G.D.I. (giddy), at the Brewery project (Los Angeles, CA) and Sweeney Art Gallery (Riverside, CA) (9 person exhibition with color catalog)


  • SITE, Board of Directors (Artist run, non-for profit, exhibition space in downtown L.A.)


  • Open House, Williamson Gallery (Pasadena, CA) (Installation exhibition of 21 L.A. artists with catalog)


  • Il Legno '96, Comune di Fossato di Vico, (Fossato di Vico, IT) (13 Italian artists and 1 L.A. artist in five locations with catalog)


  • Dal Campo D'Osservazione to The Brewery, Palazzo Ducale in (Gubbio, IT) and at the Brewery Project (Los Angeles, CA) (The consecutive exhibition exchange of the work of 10 artists from each region with catalog)


  • Displacements, Temple University Gallery (Rome, IT) (Installation exhibition of 3 Roman and 3 L.A. artists with catalog)

Awards / Scholarship:

2017 Artist Grant, City of Pasadena, CA
2017 Educator Grant, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography
2017 Honorable Mention, Davyd Whaley Foundation Mid-Career Artist Grant
2014 Artist Grant, City of Pasadena, CA
2012 ARC Grant, Center for Creative Innovation
2012 California Community Foundation Grant Fellowship
2004 Faculty Research Grant (CSUN)
2002 Faculty Support Grant (CSUN)
1999 Faculty Research Grant (Art Center College of Design)
1998 City of Los Angeles Artists Grant
1994 Fulbright Research Grant in Italy


I began teaching, lecturing and writing on contemporary art in English and Italian in 1984. The writing I do ranges from short descriptive reviews of exhibitions and artists to longer research essays that explore different topics germane to this moment in contemporary art history.

  • Artillery Magazine (Los Angeles, CA) (since 2010)
  • Sculpture Magazine (Washington, D.C.) (since 2002)
  • Tema Celeste (New York, NY) (since 2005)
  • Art in America (New York, N.Y.) (since 1996)
  • ArtScene (Los Angeles, CA) (2008-1995)
  • World Art (Newark, N.J.) (1998-95)
  • Visions (Los Angeles, CA) (1996–4)
  • Daily American/International Courier (Rome, IT) (1985-84)
  • La Repubblica (Rome, IT) (1985-84)

Professional Affiliations:

College Art Association
Los Angeles Printmaking Society
International Sculpture Center


My education in the arts was completed in the US and Italy, I received final degrees in printmaking and drawing in Italy and was qualified as a Master Printer at the National Etching Institute in Rome. I received an MFA in California in studio art (3D).

University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Master of Fine Art (1989-87) In 3D artwork, worked as TA and 3D shop supervisor

Istituto Nazionale per La Grafica (Rome, Italy)

  • Artist in residence (1984-82) Qualified as Master Printer, worked within historical deposit of prints and plates

Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (Rome, Italy)

  • AA.BB. Fine Arts degree (1982 -78) Master of Fine Art degree in Decorazione Pittorica (painting, sculpture and mosaic)

Istituto Statale D’Arte di Urbino (Urbino, Italy)

  • Magistero degree in printmaking (1978-76) BFA degree in Printmaking (etching/engraving, woodcut, lithography and screen-printing)


The University of Arizona Poetry Center (Tucson, AZ)
Special Collections, F. W. Olin Library, Mills College (Oakland, CA)
Baylor Book Arts Collection, Baylor University Libraries (Waco, Texas)
Monte Cedro Collection (Pasadena, CA)
Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts (Hammer Musum) (Los Angeles, CA)
Research Library, Getty Institute (Los Angeles, CA)
Fine Arts Center, Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, AR)
Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica(ex Calcografia Nazionale) (Rome, IT)
Archivio dell’Istituto di Storia dell’Arte e di Estetica (Urbino, IT)
Musinf, Museo Comunale d'Arte e della Fotografia (Senigallia, IT)

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