GALA Exhibits
A curatorial project in the City of Glendale, CA.

An exhibition of artwork by Holly Boruck and Sandra Low                                           Holly Boruck Sandra Low


An exhibition of artwork by Karen Duckles and Fabia Panjarian                     Karen Duckles Fabia Panjarian


An exhibition of artwork by Susan Feldman, Jessica Newman-Skrentny, Karen Reitzel                                                                                         […]


An exhibition of artwork by artists from the Glendale Art Association                                                                   Helena Bowman, Viviane Bowman, Jennifer Bentson, Candyce Wagner Binzley, Paul Chamberlin, […]


An exhibition of artwork by Erika Lizée and Michael Maas   


An exhibition of artwork by Srboohie Abajian and Dori Atlantis & Karen Frimkess Wolff       

GALA Charm(s)-1

An exhibition of artwork by Mavis Leahy, Gloria Newton, and Toti M. O’Brien   Mavis Leahy          Gloria Newton          Toti M. O’Brien

GALA Arcs N-2

An exhibition of sculpture and art installation by Sharon Suhovy Sharon Suhovy Quinn “Black Hemlock”


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GALA Exhibits is a curatorial project coordinated with the City of Glendale and local property owners interested in promoting the arts. The project features emerging and established artists through a series of exhibitions in temporarily available spaces. Organized by John David O’Brien, GALA Exhibits aims to open a new awareness of the potential for familiar civic […]