Organized by Theresa Powers and Karen Reitzel

Artists » George Domantay / Gordon Haines / Ceres Madoo /
Amitis Motevalli / Alexia Pilat / Theresa Powers / Karen Reitzel /
Mark Teresa with Paul Morsink in the AVAGO

Dates exhibited: Jan. 27 thru Feb. 23, 2001
Where: The Brewery Project 676 South Ave. 21 #33

The Brewery Project presents "Tricky," an exhibition of work by contemporary artists from Los Angeles organized by Theresa Powers and Karen Reitzel. This exhibition, in the words of the organizers, relates to how:

"Tricky" when applied to art may first conjure the artist as a trickster, deliberately deceiving the viewer with a visual sleight of hand. Indeed, most art involves artifice, meaning both skill or craft and also cleverness or deception. But at the same time, "Tricky" can apply to the open-ended playfulness, puzzlement, and challenge of art, both for the viewer and the maker. Ranging from sculpture to painting to photography, the pieces in this show entitled "Tricky" are by artists who apply their brand of artifice to ideas and images from everyday life. They investigate and transform the mundane into the strange or beautiful, creating visual feats that intrigue, surprise, and amuse.