Hey Doll!
Organized by Young An

Artists » Young An / Stephanie Bartron / Bernice Colman / Jonna Pangburn Dennis / Dyane Duffy / Corrina Gamma / Janet Girard / Beatrice Gonzales / Regina Rioux Gonzalez / Stacy Kiel / Stevie Love / Magdelena Martinez / Laurel Rioux

Opening: Saturday, Mar. 19, 2005, 7-10 p.m.
Dates: Mar. 19 thru April 15, 2005
Hours: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12 - 5 p.m.
Where: The Brewery Project 676 South Ave. 21 #33

The Brewery Project presents “Hey Doll!” a collaboration and “Swingline, A Group Show in the installation space,” an exhibition of contemporary work organized by young An.
The text: “Hey Doll! was inspired by a book called the Art Doll Chronicles, a documentary piece about a project in which a group of doll artists embarked upon a collaborative experience of creating dolls in “round robin” fashion, 13 Los Angeles based female artists started their doll project in the summer of 2003.”

This doll project was structured similar to the one in the Art Doll Chronicles. Each artists brought to the inaugural meeting their “starter doll” and a “travel journal” which would accompany the doll to every destination and become a place where each artist could reflect upon their experience with that particular “body”. Each month the artists would bring their “monthly resident” to the meeting for “unveiling,” group discussion and hand it off to the next artist.

Evolution of a doll.

The doll project differed in that the artists participating in this project are not doll artists. This group of artists is comprised of painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, a garden designer, a ceramicist, and a glass artist. The doll starters varied from paper and wooden torsos to globs of acrylic paint, from three small pristine white canvases to a wire hanger, from a muslin “rag dolls” to a razor scooter.

As the artists completed the project in the fall of 2004, artists themselves were astounded by not only the commitment to the project but also at the amazing work bravely executed by each artist.

Hey Doll! is not merely about collaboration, but it is also about surrender, courage and the willingness to commit to the process despite other endeavors in art, life and work. Each artist brought her own vision and technical prowess to the group and have collectively created a body of work that challenges the notion of “doll” to its core.

Swingline – a video show by Jonna Pangburn Dennis
Each artist participating will show her own art work to provide clues to viewers how and by whom the dolls came about. Total of 12 pieces of paintings and sculptures.