Fracture / Taboo
Curated by Juliette Salzmann

Artists » Jean-Philippe Antoine / Chrystel Egal / Todd Gray / Margaret Honda / Nadege Monchera / Cameron

Dates exhibited: Mar. 3 thru Mar. 31, 2001
Where: The Brewery Project 676 South Ave. 21 #33
AND Storage 2900D Airport Avenue Santa Monica Airport


The Brewery Project and STORAGE present “Fracture / Taboo,” an exhibition of work by contemporary artists from France and Los Angeles curated by Juliette Salzmann.

This exhibition, in the words of the curator, presents:
“art works by French and LA artists that deal with the issues of fracture or rupture and taboos, our own animal nature and ourselves as 'machines' in the contemporary world. We seek to investigate how artists respond, through their art, to the violence imposed on them (as on all of us) by the social, racial, gender related norms of the contemporary urban environment. These themes are dictated by the contradictions in the new forms of urban life, and are particularly evident in LA which prefigures the city of the 21st century. This show will explore the rift felt by these artists (in their own skin as it were) between their individual sense of identity and the cultural codes or the conditioning to which they are subject.”