Curated by John O’Brien, with the assistance of Cynthia Minet

Artists include » Margaret Adachi / Caridad I. Barragàn / Bob Bellerue / Jeff Krueger / Maryrose Mendoza / Cynthia Minet / Rebecca Ripple / Leigh Salgado / Carlo Vincenti

Opening: Saturday, Sept. 11 , 2004, 6-9 p.m.
Sept. 11 - Oct. 8, 2004
Hours: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12 - 5 p.m.
Where: The Brewery Project 676 South Ave. 21 #33

The Brewery Project presents “Double-Take,” an exhibition of contemporary artists from Los Angeles and Italy curated by John O’Brien, with the assistance of Cynthia Minet.

“The theme or guiding idea behind this exhibition comes out as a sort of extension of the idea of doubling, that is an idea how about a thing or image doubles itself or doubles for something else. It is related to the way in which art is a thing about something else and in that sense is a double, but also about art being a kind of double take where the viewer has to literally look more than once, perhaps taken by surprise or taken aback.”