About the Project

“at the Brewery Project” was an independent downtown Los Angeles art space where a series of curated and artist-organized exhibitions for emerging and established artists was showcased during its ten-year existence. During its run, over 50 group exhibitions, exchanges with artists from 5 countries and ephemeral performance based works were presented at this unique site. The general directive was to provide a showcase where the diverse and different types of work present at any given time in the LA art world (and not necessarily a part of the market) could be seen and appreciated. The project space itself went through three distinct phases of operation, but always maintained a portion of the space that was ‘unfinished’ alongside the more traditional white spaces of the modern gallery. It ran from the fall of 1997 until the spring of 2007.

The project calendar was coordinated over the years by John O’Brien; but the independent curators or artist organizers who proposed them directed each exhibition. The exhibitions were set up, attended and run by the exhibiting artists themselves. The project was located in the historic 1904 John Parkinson “Edison Electric Building #3”, on the premises of The Brewery complex in downtown Los Angeles.

“at the Brewery Project” was preceded in time by Out of the Blue and the M*Y*T*H* exhibition series. The “M*ay Y*ou T*ravel H*eavenwards” series was dedicated to the memory of Mark Niblock-Smith, in particular, and to all those who died from the AIDS epidemic during that period. The M*Y*T*H* series ran from the fall of 1993 until the spring of 1994.

The “at the Brewery Project” and M*Y*T*H* exhibition series were made possible through the generosity of Kathleen Reges, Richard Carlson and Carlson Industries. “at the Brewery Project”, M*Y*T*H* and all the participating artists owe them an enormous debt of gratitude because they had faith in these artists and they had the foresight and willingness to provide the spaces and numerous amenities that made these projects possible.

“at the Brewery project” acknowledges the support of the Pasadena Art Alliance, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Oversight.com.