curated by John David O’Brien

with work by

Jeff Colson, Renée Lotenero, Kristen Morgin, Joel Otterson, Rebecca Ripple, Aili Schmeltz and Shirley Tse

An interstitial space or interstice is the area between structures or objects. It is outside of, rather than within, the familiar boundaries of how accepted terms of understanding are construed. It is comprised of the things we do not look at directly or focus on, and often, it even fades into the background.

This group exhibition showcases contemporary, Los Angeles-based object makers who use everyday objects and a variety of artistic genres to explore the transformations these fragments of daily life (often from the domestic sphere) undergo when they are wrested into territories where their standard functions are suspended. The artworks forge new meanings and reside in the interstitial space: in between the memory of objects’ conventional uses and their sudden and unpredictable presences in contemplative/thoughtful artworks in the Museum.

Interstitial is an invitation to look again, more slowly and more attentively, at the oft disregarded, to distinguish between the quotidian and the exceptional, a figure and a ground, an entity defined by a recollection and a new experience with a crafted object.

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