"Thickening the Plot"

organized by John David O'Brien

with work by

Lisa Adams     Ruth Ann Anderson / Jill D'Agnenica     Holly Boruck     Chusien Chang

Libby Gerber     Stanton Hunter     Noel Korten     Margaret Lazzari     Erika LizĂ©e

Barry Markowitz     Marina Moevs     Jim Morphesis     Jessica Newman-Skrentny     Carolie Parker

Cielo Pessione     Karen Reitzel     Roxene Rockwell     Sharon Suhovy

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            "Thickening the Plot” is a group exhibition of LA based artists that focuses on gardens (intentional and accidental) and how artists work with the idea of a cultivated (or uncultivated) plot of land. This is done through the use of images, objects, installations and land works. The use of a title like thickening the plot which is more commonly used to describe written plot lines and not plots of land alludes to the way in which the artists have been encouraged to interpret the curatorial premise to their own ends. It also echoes the re-scripting of space at Angels Gate from a military installation to artist lofts and studios interspersed in the hillside above San Pedro.

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